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The Colour

Permanent Regrowth

from $60.00


from $70.00


from $60.00


from $20.00

The Foils

T-bar Foils

from $58.50

Half Head Foils

from $.80.00

Full Head Foils

from $105.00

In-Salon Packages

All packages receive a complementary toner with foils.
$10 Surcharge for colour only applications with no added services, prices listed are for colour only.

Full Head Foils, Express Toner, Light Trim & Blowdry.

from $165.00

Half Head Foils, Express Toner, Light Trim & Blowdry.

from $140.00

The Extras Blonder! Brighter! Breakage? No way!

Repair, Strengthen & Protect your hair during lightening, colour and texture services, or indulge yourself with the premium treatment service at the basin.

Olaplex & Bondpro+
from $25.00

Soho offers Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin and Aura curl and frizz smoothing treaments. Provides long lasting transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair.

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing & Aura
Consultation & Deposit required. From $130.00

The Style



from $37.00

Shampoo, Trim and Dry Off

from $47.00

Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry

from $60.00

Shampoo, Restyle and Blowdry

from $70.00

Just a Blowdry

from $35.00

Add on Services







from $28.00

Shampoo and Trim

from $28.00

Fashion Cut

from $35.00


from $50.00

Do the Do

The Soho Blowout Blow-wave

Not just your regular Blowdry, we spend a little more time styling your frock to something more beautiful and unique.
from $40.00

Waves, Curls and More Curls!

Who runs the world? Curls! (Please come with clean dry hair.)
from $40.00

Quick & Casual but a Lil' Fancy

For those days where you have somewhere to be & people to see, but don't want to do it "yourself." (Please come in with clean dry hair.)
from $80.00

Something a Lil' More Special

Maybe not as special as your big day, but special enough. Be imaginative, be that "WOW" as you walk into the room.
from $100.00


Keeping up with new trends is hard, But Trusting your hair stylist is harder! At Soho we take the time to listen to you so we can get the results your looking for! Including Cutting, Colouring and Styling to make you feel pampered.
from $130
Bombshell Blonde

Bombshell Blonde

For those addicted to blonde. The bombshell includes full head of highlights, cleansing out those unwanted tones and re-toning to turn you into the bombshell you are! Bondpro, Toner, Style cut, Blowout and Curls included.
from $255
Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing

Is your Frizz just out of control? We offer keratin smoothing or curl relaxing services, using, Keratin Plys will get those crazy curls smooth or maybe you love your curl and just want the frizz reduced Kerasilk Keratin will do that for you! Call for your free consultation!
from $300
The Art of Hair Painting

The Art of Hair Painting

Do you want to wear your own customized piece of artwork? Every application can be slightly different and is our most unique and sought after service. The Art of hair-painting includes your toner, Bondpro, Style cut, Blowout and Curls.
from $215
Bye Bye So-Home Job

Bye Bye So-Home Job

You made the dreaded box-dye decision, and it turns out that "dark" isn't your colour. Well this is the package for you. Having realistic expectations is the first step. It can be costly, it can take time, but it will be worth every penny when you reach your dream colour. our goal is to maintain the health of your hair whilst gently lifting your hair 1-3 shades. full colour service including OLAPLEX, Stylecut, Blowout and Curls.
from $265
Cash me Ousside, I ain't got time for that

Cash me Ousside, I ain't got time for that

This is the perfect appointment for when you've clearly forgotten about that upcoming event. This will include a base break to smooth out those roots on blondes or to cover some unwanted grey. In and out in 90 minutes. Includes a Signature Blowout and Curls. 
from $105


Soho for Hair provides an extensive range of Hair & Makeup services throughout the Greater Bunbury region.  We pride ourselves on delivering quality Bridal Hair & Makeup.